“Initiation” visit + Meal in english

Introduce yourself to the art of tasting exceptional products

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In this discovery formula, Caviar de Neuvic offers you a visit to the domain before introducing you to the art of tasting exceptional products. Guided by our professionals, begin this experience by discovering our essential products from the delicatessen range. Let yourself be surprised by the exquisite and complex flavours of our excellent caviar, paired with a glass of sparkling wine! This service, perfect for novices, is a first approach to caviar tasting.

For a visit today, do not hesitate to contact us on 05 53 80 89 57.
Tour + meal offers are not available for children. To add children's packages, please select visits and meals separately.


After visiting the Domain you will enjoy the taste of :

- Caviar butter
- Sturgeon rillettes
- Caviar Baeri
- Caviar Oscietre
- Glass of sparkling wine

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The guided tour of the domain lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and the commented tasting about 30 minutes. Please allow at least two hours for your visit.
Continue or start your caviar experience with the producer’s meal! Come and taste excellence over a meal. Tailor-made recipes at the Domain to enjoy the best of our products. This formula, ideal for a complete lunch, is prepared with passion and seasonal products by Julien our chef. A way of inviting you to a gastronomic culinary experience rich in know-how and emotion.

After visiting the Domain you will enjoy the taste of:

– Caviar butter
– 1 plate around sturgeon with Rillette, marinated sturgeon, smoked sturgeon
– Caviar Baeri
– Caviar Oscietre
– Glass of sparkling wine

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your visit. The tour starts on time and no late arrivals will be accepted.
In case of hot weather, a cap, hat and a bottle of water are essential during your visit.
In case of rain, we recommend waterproof clothing, such as rain boots and an umbrella!


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